Founded in 2018 in Budapest, Loomiosa thrived to design and manufacture a premium range of light fixtures that will stand out from its competitors with their luxurious appearance and spectacular character. Their portfolio consists of the most peculiar metal and 3D printed pendants and ceiling lights, with the brand’s eyes set on a number of new materials and furnitures to work upon.

The brand’s most popular model, Leaf will have its Hungarian debut at S/ALON BUDAPEST 2021. This outstanding lamp design won the Platinum Design Award at the A’Design Award ceremony in 2019.




Loomiosa is a recently founded brand in the field of lighting design. Their goal is to create unique and stylish luminaires that are easily recognizable and clearly distinguished from competitors. Bringing together art and science, Loomiosa's creations have a special charm, character and elegance, making them stand out and be a prominent feature in any environment. Using quality materials and sleek design, their lighting solutions can make the difference between ordinary and spectacular.




Dezeen Showroom: presented at Maison&Objet, designer Dániel Máto's elongated Leaf pendant light for Budapest Select by Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency was inspired by the shape of palm leaves. 

The Leaf lamp is one of a selection of products available through French furniture and design fair Maison&Objet.

Struck by the uniqueness of the palm tree leaves he came across when traveling in Asia, Máto created the Leaf Lamp to capture their design.

The Leaf Lamp is designed to evoke a different visual experience from various angles.

"The purpose of this unusual shape is to make this pendant a captivating and outstanding element of any room on its own," said Loomiosa.

The Leaf Lamp has an elongated form that makes it suitable for high-ceilinged rooms, where its intricate design creates an atmospheric light.

The outer shade is made from glossy anodised aluminium tubes, making for a lightweight design. These are held together by a 3D-printed plastic holder.

Six different colours can be chosen for the aluminium tubes, including gold and red.

Product: Leaf Lamp
Brand: Loomiosa
Designer: Dániel Máto
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.